At I do not sell anything to anyone that may stumble upon these pages. However as I come across products or services that I use, and find that they may be of help to others, I will simply share the information with you. The following are products or services that I use that I have found to be of benefit to me. Unfortunately I must state that I am not personally liable for any problems incurred by the use of these products or services. They are simply products and services that have worked for me.

Here is a link to a FREE bible download that has everything that you can think of to use for references and research. From bible dictionary's to maps and charts. I highly recommend this to anyone that is serious in using their computer to help them further their knowledge of Gods will.

If you don't have a big book right now or you would like to download one FREE to your computer go to You can also purchase the CD that is an excellent computer companion for a recovered alcoholic.

When I was looking to purchase a new bible I found it difficult to find the right one at various bible outlets and stores. They all had a limited selection of KJV bibles. After looking at many different online sites I happened upon the KJV Store. They have a vast selection of King James Versions to choose from. Although all bibles have errors in their translation I have found that the KJV has the least amount. It is the one that was used by the pioneers of AA and the one I use for this site.